We’re the Ones Who Started Eye Floater Laser Treatment

Dr. Scott Geller MD explains how he applied what he learned on eye floater laser treatment from the professors at the University Eye Clinic in Switzerland and brought it to the USA. We have treated the longest and largest continuous series of patients worldwide, and have presented at the largest number of scientific conferences on the laser treatment of vitreous eye floaters, also known as vitreolysis. We have seen and treated almost everything.

What We Can Treat

Dr. Geller explains eye floater laser. Eye floaters are associated with Weiss rings, vitreous detachment, retinal detachment, vitreous hemorrhage, retinal tears, and flashes and floaters. We have the most experience worldwide in selecting the appropriate patients for whom this procedure would be highly effective.

Your Expectations

The outcome of your eye floater laser treatment depends on 3 things:

  1. Eye Floater Type
  2. Surgeon and Patient Expectations
  3. Surgeon Experience

Here are the Facts:

Our goal is to reduce the perception and visualization of eye floaters to the minimum possible given the limitations of laser vitrectomy.

Our Success Rates

We define "outcome success" on our patients' perception of improvement: mild, moderate, or significant. We do not proceed if we do not believe there will be an improvement, or we believe a vitrectomy operation is a better alternative.

Our patients receive an honest prognosis based on an internal analysis of over 20,000 vitreous eye floater laser sessions. The goal of our institution is to produce the best available outcome and educate our patients about vitreous floaters.