Once identified as a candidate for treatment, we will seat you at the laser machine. We will have you put your head and chin into a device similar to having a glaucoma test. You will receive numbing drops in the eye being treated. 

Dr. Geller will then place a lens on your eye which keeps your eye open and allows him to see the back of the eye. He will want you to keep your teeth together, keep your head forward and very still. We may help you hold your head forward. When Dr. Geller sees floater material that he can safely hit with the laser, he will fire the laser. You don’t feel anything, but may hear a crackling sound and see what looks like little sparks falling from the laser pulse. He usually spends about 3-4 minutes on the eye being treated.

After the treatment, we will rinse your eye well with saline, administer anti-inflammatory and lubricating drops. If you have corneal irritation we may also give a drop for pain. Most people only feel some irritation after the procedure and get relief with additional lubricating drops. 

After the first procedure, you may see smaller bits of the debris that Dr. Geller will clean up in the subsequent treatments. Some people also see small air bubbles for a few hours afterward. Normal activities can usually be resumed after dilating drops wear off which takes between 3  and 6 hours.

Each session is recorded on a DVD that you take with you after all the treatments are completed.