Published to YouTube in August 2013

A doctor from Michigan almost gave up her practice because she could not see out of her right eye due to severe cloudiness.  She could see again after the first treatment and feels like she has her life back.

Published to YouTube in August 2013

This patient from Orlando had floaters in both eyes causing a significant amount of obscurity which made reading and driving difficult. He had significant improvement after a few treatments.

Published to YouTube in October 2012

This patient from the UK had laser for eye floaters with marginal success with one MD in the UK and another in the USA. Scott Geller MD operated with LASAG Swiss-made laser optimized for vitreous work and solved the problem.

Published to YouTube in Oct 2012

This patient had obscured vision for many years due to vitreous opacities that Dr. Scott Geller described as the 'top 50%'. Her vision is now significantly improved.

Published to YouTube in July 2011

This patient is a Dentist who was almost disabled by eye floaters until he had laser surgery

Published to YouTube in July 2011

This patient from Wyoming was told by his ophthalmologist "nothing could be done".

Published to YouTube in June 2009

This patient from Florida was told by respected local ophthalmologists at a local University and the VA that "nothing can be done". She can now work effectively on a computer all day.