It's actually quite simple, but a concept that requires a high level of skill and experience to avoid damage to the delicate internal structures of the eye - the source of our visual perception.
The Swiss made 'LASAG Microruptor II', was made specifically to work in the vitreous, focused to a 6 micron spot. In the case of small eye floaters, the energy at the focal point teases apart or breaks up the eye floater to the point of minimal perception. With the larger clumps that actually obscure vision, the laser cuts the supporting strands to drop it out of the visual axis.

Laser focused to a 6 micron spot
Laser Vitreolysis is a outpatient/office procedure with virtually no recovery time. Normal activities can usually be resumed after dilating drops wear off which takes between 3  and 6 hours. 

Patients from out of town should expect to spend at least 3-4 days. If we believe we can help after the initial assessment, we typically perform one treatment per eye per day. The following day we assess the results and check eye pressure. If continued treatment is needed, we will schedule you for the following day.


Large fibrillar mass
Small dense mid-vitreous opacity